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The Governance Foundation carries out research and training for a range of clients and agencies at the international, national and local levels.

Its purpose is to enable creative, informed and democratic decision-making to help achieve sustainable, cohesive and empowered communities.

Key areas of expertise are:

arrow Analysing the impact of housing and regeneration investment on local communities
arrow Delivering community-orientated research and training projects that are designed to empower and meet the strategic needs of disadvantaged communities
arrow Improving the engagement of communities in local decision-making and service delivery
arrow Raising aspirations for the quality of design, reflecting the impact the quality of the environment has on the quality of people’s lives
arrow Demonstrating the relationship between the social, economic, physical and cultural aspects of local policy making
arrow Promoting the cohesion of marginalised and disadvantaged communities
arrow Managing and analysing spatial data across different geographical and organisational boundaries

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