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Programme Evaluations

Evaluation of Dudley’s SRB1 ‘Foundations for the Future’ Programme:

This evaluation was conducted for Dudley Partnership and SRB Management Boards, assessing Dudley’s 7-year SRB1 Scheme to raise educational attainment; enhance employment and enterprise; and improve housing and the environment. The team assessed progress towards achieving the strategic objectives, and made recommendations regarding the management and delivery of the £13.1m SRB Scheme.

External Evaluation of the Dudley SRB1 Project: Positive Opportunities Fund (POF):

A number of community and voluntary organisations were supported by this £1m Dudley SRB1 Project in the delivery of training to disadvantaged groups. This study assessed the impact of, and proposed a number changes to, the work being done by the POF Programme as a whole and by each of the supported projects. The study was undertaken jointly with CURS at the University of Birmingham.

Regional Structures for the Voluntary Sector:

This study aimed to review the impact and achievements of the Regional Voluntary Sector Networks (both generalist and Black and ethnic minority group), established in each of the regions across England. In particular, the study sought to identify the extent to which the Regional Voluntary Sector Networks have been successful in unlocking further funds for the voluntary sector; advocating effectively on behalf of the sector; and in increasing the effectiveness of the voluntary sector in each region with regard to policy development and implementation at the regional level. The study was jointly undertaken with the School of Public Policy, University of Birmingham.

Camp Hill SRB5 Mid-Term Evaluation:

This project entails a Mid-Term Evaluation of the impact and delivery of the £2.2m ‘Empowering the Community in the Camp Hill Urban Village’ SRB5 Programme. The ‘Empowering the Community in Camp Hill Urban Village’ SRB5 Programme (based in a deprived neighbourhood in Nuneaton) has been in operation for 2½ years of its seven-year life. The mid-term evaluation is being undertaken in collaboration with the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS) at the University of Birmingham, Third Sector Services and Quality Fieldwork & Research Services.

Black Regeneration Network (SRB3) Mid-Term Evaluation:

This study examines the impact of the Black Regeneration Network (BRN) SRB Scheme. The BRN Scheme was one of the first Black and ethnic minority voluntary sector-led SRB schemes in England. The BRN Scheme aims to provide capacity building, policy development and network building support for Black and ethnic minority voluntary organisations and groups located within the West Midlands conurbation. The project is jointly undertaken with MEL Research Ltd. CePPUrb’s work on the project was focused on the evaluation of BRN’s SRB strategic management procedures and systems.

Dudley SRB Client Outcome Assessment:

This project involved research into the qualitative outcomes generated by 18 projects funded via Dudley Partnership Board’s SRB1 (‘Foundations for the Future’) and SRB2 (‘Wren’s Nest Comprehensive Area Regeneration Scheme’) programmes. The research project examined the impacts / outcomes from the various SRB-funded projects. Focus group meetings and structured interviews were carried out with the intended project beneficiary groups / clients of the respective SRB projects. The study was jointly undertaken with the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Birmingham.

North Solihull Challenge Evaluation:

Staff provided an evaluation of the impact of the £4.2m North Solihull SRB2 Programme on the North Solihull area (Chelmsley Wood and Smith’s Wood). The evaluation report identified the impact of the SRB2 Programme’s educational, employment and community capacity building activities on the North Solihull area over the first 2 years of the 5-year initiative.

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